Retro Barber Chair

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Retro Barber Chair

Retro is a timeless barber chair design that has been around since the 50s and continues to prove that the design itself is worthy of standing the test of time in the working man’s barbershop. Helping you to provide a classic barbershop service the vintage barber chair stands proud in all traditional barbershops with its framework armed structure. Unique the Retro chair adds that extra special touch to the barbershop showing off its heritage proudly in its structure giving it an authentic look and adding authenticity to a truly established barbershop.

Retro barber chair features soft armrests with metal structure and water-resistant synthetic leather seating tailored to the chair and headrest to provide comfort and ease of clean. It also comes with a solid stainless steel footrest to assure balance as well as a gas pump for recline and heavy use the hydraulic pump for all shaving and barbering applications.

Brand New and delivered on a pallet to your door.
Inspected, Ready to use in 15 minutes.
Gas pump recline system to lean back.

Heavy use hydraulic pump that can lift  200 kg.
Lock and revolve system to help revolve and lock stop the chair.
Extending and removable headrest for client comfort.
Premium synthetic leather, easy to clean and protective.