Sheraton Barber Chair

SKU: 9920


Sheraton Barber Chair VAT FREE

Sheraton barber chair is truly a gentleman's chair. Sheraton is an ultra-comfortable chair with a large double padded seat and robust solid structure. Delivering a comfy experience your barbershop and setting a new standard in hair cut and shaving.

Sheraton chair features a large stainless steel footrest, multi-layer cushion, and industry-standard durable and water-resistant synthetic leather, extending headrest and heavy use hydraulic pump is standard and with its seamless design this chair is a safe choice for all barbers.

Brand New and delivered on a pallet to your door.
Inspected, Ready to use in 15 minutes.
Gas pump recline system to lean back.

Heavy use hydraulic pump that can lift  200 kg.
Lock and revolve system to help revolve and lock stop the chair.
Extending and removable headrest for client comfort.
Premium synthetic leather, easy to clean and protective.