Sicily Wash Point

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Sicily Backwash VAT FREE

Sicily wash point is our new compact backwash, comfortable and compact shampoo chair that can maximise the potential of the salon by creating more working space and save cost.

Sicily wash point features a porcelain ( ceramic ) basin with an adjustable bracket to recline the angle for client comfort. It also comes with a fibre-glass base and ease of installation. Base is painted in discrete black to match the look of the chair and deco. Plumbing parts, i.e shower, mixer, and drain are standard included.

Brand New and delivered on a pallet to your door.
Inspected, Ready to use in 15 minutes.
Compact and comfortable hair salon wash point
Porcelain ceramic basin with water mixer and shower
Reclining bracket for adjustable basin
Large drain filter for ease of drain
Premium Synthetic Leather, easy to clean and protects against friction and wear.