Trento Styling Unit

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Trento Styling Unit VAT FREE

Trento is our latest luxury salon mirror station. This new edition packs lots of practical benefits to serve every hair salon or barbershop need.  Trento salon styling unit is a large free-standing mirror station with plenty of storage units on either side to store and display your product. Incorporated glass windows sever as display units to advertise your selling products while keeping them secure. a large work station shelf comes with a built-in dryer holder, straightener or tong holder and a big metal tray can keep small items in place ideal for pins and comb in a hair salon or shaving tools or clippers in a barbershop.

Trento Salon styling station mirror features built-in display windows, storage units, large metal footrest for client comfort. shelf with appliance holders and tray. Trento is a slim design with endless features.

Brand New and delivered on a pallet to your door.
Inspected, Ready to use in 15 minutes.
Large mirror with Metal footrest
Work station shelf with appliance holders
Hair Dryer holder and tong holder on the shelf
Metal footrest included.
Storage units and display windows.