Mini Barber Pole

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Mini Barber Pole

Mini Barber Pole. Perfect for Barber Shops.

New Mini Barber Pole with built in low consumption fluorescent light and Rotating motor for revolving stripes. Original design on Blue Red and White stripes provides unique attention.
This is a mini barber pole and can be installed internally within barber shop, the pole comes with easy to install metal bar and can be hung freely. Light weight structure and small size provides a unique traditional enviroment within your barber shop. 
This Barber pole has transparent acrylic-glass cover to avoid breakage. It comes with 3 meter cable and built in switch and british plug allows for an easy to install fixture. The stripes are sun resistant and will not fade in colour.


Sun Resistant Stripes : Blue, Red and White

3 Meter Cable and Switch for Light and Motor

Voltage 220-240V 

Frequency 50 HZ

colour : Silver Dome
size : 35 x 15 cm ( length - width ) estimate
weight : 3 kg